Our offer includes front door canopies made ​​from the highest quality materials: powder-painted aluminum profiles, filled acrylic panel.

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The very modern design of LIGHTLINE door canopies raises the aesthetic and functional value of the entrance. The typical form of the canopy in the shape of an arch as well as the transparent or colored satin canopy surface attracts attention and invites you to look inside.

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The light supporting structure made of stainless steel, the aluminum top and side-profile and acrylic glass available in four colors provides silhouette slim design for the entire construction. It is easy to arrange canopies and wall panels in any building. The use of the stainless steel canopy does not interfere with the overall aesthetic of the entire front of the building.



The use of stainless steel and acrylic glass that is resistant to external factors as well as UV radiation increases its resistance to aging as well as minimizes periodic maintenance for our canopy.


Clean usage


The rubber seal in the wall profile "pushes" rainfall in a direct path to the gutter.


Quick installation


The set of elements for installing the canopy is lightweight and requires little effort to mount. Thanks to snap-fastening connections the need to drill holes in the acrylic panel is avoided. Special stainless steel snap-in brackets provide solid support for the acrylic panel. Due to the "snap-lock" removal is easy in order to clean the entire panel.


The LIGHTLINE XL roof system:

  • fast and easy installation

  • integrated aluminum drainpipes

  • 6 mm thick acrylic glass, resistant to weathering and UV rays

  • possibility of back-lighting with LED strips of any color


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Canopies and side wall panels are available in four shades of acrylic panels:

  • transparent

  • white satin

  • green satin

  • blue satin


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The XL canopy modular system is a highly elegant accent for every facade. With the ability to install the canopy in various length configurations, it can be used as a storefront canopy, for wide entrances to buildings, roofs of car dealership entrances, garage driveways, etc.

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