New! - Balcony canopies

Galvanized Polycarbonate balcony canopies are the perfect protection from rain and snow for doors and balconies... FEATURES OF BALCONY CANOPIES: quick and easy installation, protection of the balcony slab and joinery, protection against rain and snow, improvement of balcony aesthetics...
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Super Spacer frame

We're now introducing composite windows with a Super Spacer frame for our windows and wooden and aluminum doors offer. The Super Spacer internal window frame is a new ecological solution, tightly sealing the entire window frame, making it very well protected against heat-loss and outside noise...
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Basement window light wells

Our window light wells are made of polyester reinforced fiber glass therefore they are durable and reliable. Our new generation of basement light wells is the answer to climate changes occurring today...
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Facade Blinds

In modern construction many buildings with large glass surfaces are created. These are mainly office and administrative buildings, manufacturing facilities, shopping centers as well as residential buildings...
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Feng shui - windows and doors

Feng shui is a teaching which has been known in Chinese for the past 4 thousand years. The translation of feng shui means water and air, i.e. air is an energy that induces water - without which nothing grows and life is not possible...
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Windows made from walnut

We are all familiar with fine doors and windows made of pine, meranti, mahogany or oak. Each of these species is characterized by extremely different colors, grains and densities. However, clients are increasingly more often seeking something special - darker colors, original grains and exclusive appearance...
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Glass walls and doors

Elegant and bright interiors have become a benchmark of modern architecture. Glass doors and wall surfaces help to meet those demands, successfully entering new trends. Their use allows for the division of rooms without limiting access to light, thus facilitating the efficacious use of the space.Aside from functional characteristics, Wiśniowski’s full-dimension glass walls and doors...
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Humidity vents

Humidity controlled aereco window vents in the higrodynamic™ version is equipped with a minimum flow setting. With just one touch it can be transformed into a pressure vent with maximum flow control! All this in an aesthetic, monocouque box. HIGRO® energy efficiency and effectiveness in both systems - guaranteed...
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Migotta day & night

They are an innovative and highly functional system of decoration and window shading. This system has double fabric with horizontal strips that have different levels of light absorption. MIGOTTA roller blinds provide the possibility of flowing interior lighting. During the day, the roller delicately shades the interior while at night it tightly covers the window. Perfect for both large spaces and tiny windows...
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Windows and doors with LED glass

This is another new product in our offer. Windows with LED glass emphasize the character of a modern home, restaurant, office or store, and particularly a store display window. LED lighting for doors and windows is available in various colors and combined with ornamental, stained or matte glass even more interesting effects can be obtained...
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Tilt and slide doors

A few pointers: this time regarding tilt-and-slide doors with a low aluminum threshold. They allow for easy ventilation of spaces using the tilting function. They let in plenty of light thanks to the large surface area of glass. Now they also come with a low aluminum threshold, which makes it even easier and safer to walk through the door...
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About company

1993 - the toma company, founded by Czeslaw Kołpak, started its operations through the sale and distribution of PVC products such as profiles, baseboards, window sills, windows, etc. (in co-operation with emerging and developing Polish companies)...
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