Aluminum-wooden windows are built with a wooden structure but on the outside they have a special aluminum overlay called cladding. Aluminum is a material resistant to weather conditions characterized by good statics. This way we obtain the ideal product - a beautiful, aesthetic, warm wooden window from the inside of the building and also an aesthetically pleasing aluminum window on the outside of the building that does not require frequent care and maintenance.


stolarka okienna drewniano aluminiowa stolarka okienna drewniano aluminiowa


The wooden window profile provides high rigidity and durability through the use of three-layer wood-gluing technology. Wooden profiles are coated with high quality Sikkens lacquer paints.


The aluminum cladding is coated with powder paints in the color of your choice or anodized in the color of your choice.


okno drewniano aluminiowe

okno drewniano aluminiowe okno drewniano aluminiowe

It is also possible to glue to the cladding aluminum foil that imitates the texture and color of any wood. In addition, it is possible to cover the cladding with aluminum foil lining that resemble the color and texture of any wood but we also offer a variety of custom colors such as for example, structural.


Aluminum cladding variants: simple - classic, rounded - softline, veneering - linear.


profil drewaniano aluminiowy profil drewaniano aluminiowy profil drewaniano aluminiowy


High quality windows protect rooms against heat loss and outside noise. In order to increase the thermal insulation, on request we can add 2 or 3 additional seals.

Aluminum-wooden windows are equipped with fittings with micro-ventilation.


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