Desiring to meet customer requirements we constantly modernize our product line. Therefore, we offer modern aluminum blinds that fit any interior, both home and office. Aluminum blinds, once the most popular blinds, fell from grace in the 1980's. Now they back as a versatile and comprehensive shading system.

toma zaluzje aluminiowe toma zaluzje aluminiowe toma zaluzje aluminiowe

Today, aluminum blinds are not only produced from various kinds of aluminum (available in a broad palette of colors), but also are made of wood, bamboo and fabric.

The "toma" company offers several types of horizontal blinds. The difference between them is:

  • operation method (which can be done using a string, dial, chain or electric drive)
  • the width of lamellas (16 mm, 25 mm and 50 mm)
  • use (a particular type of window - from the standard to custom)
  • window installation method (on the window and between glass panes)
  • the method of making the top rail (and its internal dimensions e.g. 25 mm x 25 mm)
The common denominator for all types of horizontal blinds is the protection of the premises against the negative effects of the sun (bothersome reflections) and excessive heat (change of lamella angle settings allows you to adjust light levels).

toma zaluzje aluminiowe toma zaluzje aluminiowe toma zaluzje aluminiowe

A wide range of colors as well as their construction method  causes that these blinds are often used to protect from excessive sunlight or nosy neighbors. In fact, they can be installed anywhere (windows, window embrasures, walls or ceilings). It all depends on the character of the room. They vary by the appropriate quality-priceratio.

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