Anchors and bolt pins are clear and unambiguous words for installers of windows. Mounting anchors are designed to join window and balcony door frames made ​​of wood, aluminum or PVC with wall jambs of residential, apartment and public buildings, as well as personal recreation facilities and business premises.

Anchors are fixed in jambs using fastener bolts matched for every kind of wall. The choice of connectors depends on the type of material which the wall is made of.

Encasement of windows and doors should be in accordance with the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer of the joinery. It should take into account the dimensions of wall jamb openings according to PN-ISO 7996-2:1994. Window installation instructions should specify the minimum number of anchors and their type. The recommended spacing between anchors should not exceed 700 mm, and the distance of anchors from corners should not be greater than 150mm. Recommended assembly clearance is 10-20mm on each side of the windows and doors. The type of mounting foam to be used is specified by the manufacturer of the windows and doors. Proper installation of anchors should ensure proper expansion joint between the window frame or balcony door frame and the jamb.
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