Folding attic stairs enable easy and safe access to the attic without the need for costly and bulky permanent stairs. They meet all the technical and safety requirements ensuring the user complete convenience.

toma schody strychowe                 toma schody strychowe

Features of our attic stairs:

  • saves space - attic stairs during folding and unfolding of the ladder do not require a lot of space, and after folding they remain “concealed” in the ceiling
  • easy installation – the mounting system makes it easy for 2 people to mount the stairs and adjust the length of the ladder to the height of the room. Stairs are delivered to the customer fully assembled and do not require any additional pre-installation work.
  • convenient operation - the appropriate construction of the stairs cover lifting mechanism and in some models also the ladder improves its operation. A special pole, supplied with the stairs, allows for convenient opening and closing of the stairs.
  • additional accessories - in order to increase the comfortable use of the attic stairs, a safety barrier, a wooden or metal railing, and protective feet can be installed.
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