Interior cassette roller blinds perfectly protect a room against excessive sun. Roller blinds are made from plain or patterned fabrics darkening the room up to 70% or rubber-based, giving 100% darkness. Fabrics are coated with an anti-static impregnate that prevents excessive dust in the blind. We offer more than 200 kinds of fabrics in rich colors as well as many types of cassette roller blind systems. They fit perfectly the new generation of PVC, aluminum and wooden windows.



It is a practical cassette roller blinds system made of PVC. The guide rails limit the penetration of sunlight at the sides of the blinds. The cassette and guide rails are made of white PVC, while the weight is supplied by an aesthetic steel, flat strip.  The standard cassette roller is a non-invasive system, glued to the window frame. The STANDARD system is highly regarded, thanks to its universal mounting technology that allows mounting the roller blind on various types of windows. Cassette roller blinds are available in white and brown as well as three imitation wood versions: walnut, golden oak and mahogany. The PREMIUM SYSTEM is made from aluminum with imitation wood veneers.

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The shapely cassette is occurs in the filigree version of the MINI ROLLER.



Roller cassettes are also available in the MIKRO AND PIKO form (the cassette size was reduced).


The Mikro System is a fabric roller blind in a PVC cassette with white PVC guide rails. The roller blind in this system is mounted in the window clearance and operated using a chain mechanism. Thanks to flat guide rails and a streamlined cassette shape, the roller blind is an integral part of the window. The PIKO ROLLER is characterized by an extremely flat cassette and narrower guide rails.


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Thanks to our new DUO rollers we can place two fabrics in one cassette and guide rails. Depending on your needs, you can darken or decorate a room with only one roller. You can also freely arrange the window decor with two fabrics at the same time. Thanks to the use of side guide rails and enclosing cassette the amount of light penetration is limited.

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