Mosquito screens protect premises from insects, dust and pollen. Our offer includes several systems of door mosquito screens.

The basic element of the mosquito screen is a fiberglass-yarn screen coated with a layer of PVC. We have recently introduced a POLL-TEX anti-pollen screen, which successfully prevents the penetration of grass, flower and tree pollen into our homes.

The POLL-TEX anti-pollen screen is the answer to the needs of the most demanding customers, which not only protects against insects, but mainly from allergens floating around in the air. Poll-tex products have been tested for their ability to capture airborne pollens from grass, birch, nettle and ragweed. The filter prevents from entering the room the two of the most common allergens, birch and grass by 97% and ragweed and nettle by 100%. The material can be implemented as an effective means of protection against the penetration of floating allergens into rooms.


A mosquito screen door is a system that allows shielding a doorway from insects. Door leafs of screen doors are made of thick special aluminum profiles, and their filler material consists of a standard mosquito mesh or a poll-tex anti-pollen mesh. Mosquito screen doors are made ​​on profiles lacquered in white or brown or veneered with golden oak veneer.


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. Installation consists of mounting the hinges to the door frame and then suspending the screen door on it.



New in our mosquito screen offer are pleated mosquito screens. The highest quality screen protects against insects and pollen.

The advantages of using ZIG-ZAG pleated mosquito screens are many:

  • the door functionality is not hindered
  • allows setting in any position
  • does not limit visibility
  • is very visible and resistant to damage
  • low bottom guide rails do not impede passing through
  • sliding handle

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The mosquito screen is made similarly to that of sliding wardrobe doors. Screen doors are mounted on rollers placed in the upper rail. Thanks to the sliding mechanism, it is possible to freely move horizontally the leaf of the screen.

We make single and double doors on a single or double rail.

The aluminum profile is available in white and brown and the mesh is made of glass fiber, available in gray and black.




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