In modern construction many buildings with large glass surfaces are created. These are mainly office and administrative buildings, manufacturing facilities, shopping centers as well as residential buildings. In creating large glass spaces, designers ponder over how to get in as much light as possible yet at the same time a problem arises of how to protect against excessive light and heat during hot days.  The ideal product for shading windows from the outside is a facade (external) blind. During the summer, blinds protect against excessive heat from the sun, eliminating the major cause of room-overheating, and assisting or replacing air conditioning systems, it provides the desired interior temperature.



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Structural elements of facade blinds are made of high quality aluminum alloys to ensure long life. The attractive appearance of the slats (lamellas) with a wide range of colors allows architects to select the desired elements in creating a modern elevation design solution. In conjunction with thermal and acoustic insulation, it significantly raises the standards of the building.


  • the attractive appearance of the slats allows architects to choose the appropriate elements when applying modern solutions to elevations of all kinds of buildings,
  • individual regulation of the flow of light - the lighting of the interior obtained compared with conventional venetian blinds yields better effects,
  • noise reduction - reducing external noise and wind noise,
  • a high degree of thermal insulation - between the blind and the window a so-called thermal bridge is formed, which significantly increases the comfort inside rooms on hot, sunny days,
  • greater comfort by automated operation - electric drive, sun and wind automatic, central and remote control. All of these elements affect the level of ease of using the blinds.
  • long life - solid design, selection of high-quality aluminum materials ensure the long life of the product,
  • wide range of uses - housing, business, offices and administrative buildings,
  • innovative solutions - it is possible to make combo blinds that conceal a very large area of ​​the window (max. 24 m2)

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