Feng shui is a teaching which has been known in Chinese for the past 4 thousand years. The translation of feng shui means water and air, i.e. air is an energy that induces water - without which nothing grows and life is not possible. Feng shui is concerned with the life of man: his needs in terms of environmental harmony; especially in the home where he spends most of his time. The fact that every apartment and home, and hence, each of its individual rooms, is greatly affected by its interior design, dimensions and shape. Even the colors of windows and doors have serious practical and health implications. For example, doors, especially interior doors in your home, serve a communication function but also allow the flow of good energy which positively affects the household’s inhabitants. In order for good energy to flow through the doorways, elements with sharp edges need to be eliminated from the interior design.

Interior and exterior Feng shui doors, right door entrance, demand certain features that must be implemented. The entrance itself should be brightly lit, friendly and welcoming to guests. External, front doors should have the appropriate size in order to facilitate the harmonious flow of "positive energy".
In accordance with Polish building codes, the width of an entrance door cannot be less than 0.9 meters. External doors should open outwards, and their decorative features (panels, frames) should have oval shapes. Door fittings, especially handles, handrails and name plates should gleam and be visible from a distance. In case of internal doors, feng shui demands they open inwards. The size and shape of the door is also of particular importance; doors should harmonize with a paneled hallway, staircase and individual rooms. Moreover, all the decorative features of these doors should have round or oval shapes. If the doors don't have leafs, but only encased jambs, i.e. a door frame, its top sharp angles should be concealed by draperies, which should cause "positive energy" to accumulate in this space.

The shapes and functions of windows.

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According to the philosophy of feng shui, windows not only let in light, but also serve the flow and exchange of "positive energy". Hence, every living quarter should be intensely ventilated, a couple of times a day, opening windows and not only leaving them ajar - which is often the case.

The Chinese teaching of feng shui shows that not only the design of the window and heat transfer coefficient are important, but also the window’s surface and shape. Here such shapes such apply as: round (tilt, rotating, upper tilting, double-leaf and hinged) and arching: (segmental, wheel, basket and Gothic). All oval shaped windows have a positive influence on the air exchange process and attract "positive energy" from the outside. However, rectangular windows, commonly used, inhibit movement, but their sharp edges can be reduced by adding rounded awnings or shutters.

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