Instructions for mosquito screen frames

The screen frame assembly should be done from inside the room with the window open.

Basic installation stages:

  1. Unpack the screen and turn all the latches towards the center of the frame.
  2. Grasp two opposite latches (recommended are the middle latches on vertical profiles) and insert the frame on the outside of the window.
  3. Press the frame to the window frame and turn both holding latches to the outside the frame, so that the frame cannot fall out of the window.
  4. Properly assess whether the latches properly attach the frame, if not, remove the frame, respectively bend all the latches and again mount the frame.
  5. Turn the other latches to the outside the frame.
  6. Carefully close the window sash, making sure that there is no "collision" between the mounted frame and the window and if the frame ensures the proper tightness.

There is no need to remove the frame during the winter season due to weather conditions, but removal is recommended to avoid unnecessary soiling of the mesh and window.

The mesh is not permanently attached to the profile, but pushed-in with a flexible cord and in case it pushed out of the profile out it won't be damaged but only slides out. It should then be pushed back in under the cord.
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