Manual vents are the simplest available on the market. The user manually adjusts the degree of the vent opening, deciding on the amount of air supplied by changing the position of the damper from 1 to 5.

The amount of air supplied depends on the position of the diaphragm. Manually operated vents are most common in areas where regulations restrict the use of humidity and pressure controlled vents, for example, in the case of supply air to living areas with gas appliances such as furnaces, thermal spas and heaters.

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The air inside a room is susceptible to impurities and moisture under the influence of processes such as breathing, cooking, drying, washing and bathing. Each year, the number of users of modern, extremely tight windows increases. The high soundproofing coefficient is most desirable, but the lack of fresh air from the outside exposes users to:

  • increase of moisture, resulting in mold and mildew growth on window profiles, under the windowsills, in corners of rooms,
  • condensation of water vapor on windows and other cold surfaces, such as walls and furniture;
  • condensation of toxic pollutants emitted by furniture and finishing materials;
  • shortage of air needed for combustion in gas furnaces, fireplaces, etc.;
  • the risk of harmful carbon monoxide emissions;
  • in-flow of air from the outside through ventilation vents in the kitchen and bathroom;

Each of the above mentioned factors, not only reduces the comfort level in the building, but is also a direct threat to the health and even the lives of residents who may experience fatigue, headaches, dizziness, irritation of nasal mucous membranes, throat irritation, skin irritation and allergies.

The choice of the type of window vent should be based on the conditions where it will be placed. Products on the market vary, among others things, in the way they operate. They include humidity, pressure and manually operated vents.
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