Multi-purpose windows with a tilting sash are ideal for basement rooms and all types of inventory and farm buildings, as well as garages, workshops, industrial buildings, etc.


okna wielofunkcyjne



Advantages of the system:

  • Hard PVC profile
  • Plastic fittings are corrosion-resistant
  • Double seals
  • Fittings mounted using stainless steel V2A screws
  • Resistant to weathering and does not require maintenance
  • Excellent thermal insulation properties, standard insulating glass Therm Ug 1.1
  • Large glass surface due to the use of narrow profiles one on top of another
  • Available in all sizes and many colors

Available sizes:

Windows are available in all standard sizes and intermediate sizes with widths of 40-130 cm and heights ranging from 40 to 120 cm.

It is possible to install windows next to one another or one above the other.

Glazing and accessories

Standard glazing: THERM Ug 1.1 glass (total thickness 24 mm). Upon request, decorative glass (Silvit, Chinchilla, Kathedralglas), tempered glass (ESG, VSG), soundproof glass, window trims, extended frames, vents in the sash or connection to a clothes dryer.

Color scheme:

The standard profile comes in white, but the windows are also available in different wood veneer colors: brown (similar to RAL 8019), golden oak, walnut, mahogany, bog-oak, etc. It is possible to use foil on one side of the profiles.
okno wielofunkcyjne uchylne okno wielofunkcyjne z kratą
Tilting window Window with grate
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