We highly recommend windows made ​​from Veka or Gealan warm profiles. They both have three versions. Due to a wide range of profiles, we can create an offer dedicated for customers who appreciate aesthetics or energy efficiency or a modern look, as well as all of these features in one. Using economical versions of the profiles as well, we successful supply big investors and less demanding customers.





Five and six-chamber structure of profiles with appropriate glass seal and frame provides stability as well as excellent thermal insulation. The windows are available in a variety of models, and rounded profile lines are a response to the latest trends on the PVC window market. Gealan and Veka profiles make it possible to offer customers windows that fulfill all the functional requirements, while providing the highest quality in terms of aesthetics.


  • five and six-chamber profile construction allows for high-performance thermal insulation and excellent stability: thanks to the system of interior-profile chambers, gaskets as well as using insulating glass, makes it possible to significantly reduce heat loss and heating costs
  • aesthetic and invisible glazing seal
  • the possibility of using a wide range of glazing measuring up to 35 mm
  • 13 mm distance from center from the fitting groove axis provides optimal protection against burglary
  • specific shape and placement of EPDM seals in special channels and grooves, allows optimum insulation and long life
  • steel reinforcement in the frame and sash increase the rigidity of the sash, which plays an important role in large structures.


okno lukowe zlody dab toma pcv

okna pcv


Each window is equipped with a standard, composite single-chamber glass - glazing pack. Standard glazing consists of 4mm float-type glass, 16 mm spacer as well as and 4 mm soft coated thermofloat glass. The space between the panes is filled with argon gas, in order to obtain the appropriate heat transfer coefficient. Standard glazing has increased thermal insulation properties of the heat-transfer coefficient U = 1.0 according to the EN-674 norm.

There is the possibility of custom choice of glazing so that it provides even better protection against intrusion, noise or excessive exposure to sunlight.


New system PASSIV - LINE is our answer of market needs. Its permits to create passive windows characterized with high thermal insulation in lowest price.

Thanks to innovation technology we reach efficient of U value of the frame the Uf=0,9 W/m2*K. If the glazing is with Argon Uos=0,6 W/m2*K, than a window with dimensions 1500mm x 1500mm 1-sash gets coefficient of U value Uw=0,79 W/m2K.

okna pasywne toma cieply montaz


  • Investment in such window turns back after less than 5 years (in comparison for standard 5-chambers window Uw=1,4 W/m2*K) as well as CO2 reduces emission.


profil okienny bruegmann rondo


  • 5K profile System
  • building depth 73m
  • outside wall thickness >2,8mm (Class A)
  • Bokada błędnego położenia klamki, Blokada antyprzeciągowa
  • thermal 2 chamber welding gasket-Cellular, rolled into the profile
profil okienny ideal 8000

IDEAL 8000

  • 6 chamber profile centre sealing system with three sealing levels
  • 85 mm depth
  • double design variant in the window sash
  • large adhesive surfaces between glass and profile
  • glass pane load transfer takes place directly on the internal bars of the profil
  • increased protection from break-in in the area of the glass joint
  • dimensionally stable sash even for special elements, such as triangular- arched windows etc.
profil okienny aluplast as 4000 rondo


  • 5 chamber system as standard combination
  • heat insulation characteristics for the standard combination Uf-value = 1,4 W/m²K
  • glazing thickness up to 41 mm
  • depth of 70 mm
  • great reinforcement chamber for an ideal static strains
  • sound insulation up to 46 dB (up to sound insulation class IV)


Mullions give windows an elegant and unique appearance. Internal glazing mullions are part of the glazing pack, mounted permanently in the frame between the glazings. They can be glued with imitation wood or painted in any RAL color. It is possible to use two colors - one color is visible from the inside and the other color on the outside. Mullion widths available: 8 mm, 18 mm, 26 mm, 45 mm.





Color scheme of internal-glazing mullions





Mullions glued on the PVC imitate separate glazing packs with an aluminum frame inside the glazing that separates the glass according to the division formed by the elements of the PVC.




We have in our INVISIBLE window fittings. Since the end of January 2009, they are an additional accessory for tilt and turn PVC windows. The new fittings allow the possibility of opening window at a 90° angle, more safety comfort, functionality and aesthetics. Their use allows hiding external hinges, which prevents the formation of the so-called thermal bridging (heat loss).




This solution also provides easy installation of additional accessories without the need for widening the window frame. All types of hinge covers are therefore unnecessary. INVISIBLE adjusts at the same surfaces as in the case of ordinary fittings. This new solution is recommended especially for those who appreciate modernity and comfort.




INVISIBLE fittings are modified to the extent that the sash only minimally rotates outward while opening. This reduces to a minimum the current space which frame hinges used to require. Space for elements for the operation of blinds, roller blinders and shutters has been created for which so far there was no other alternative than to extend the frame.


wczytuje wczytuje wczytuje wczytuje wczytuje wczytuje
mahagony golden oak special oak oak walnut chocolate brown
grey marcore dark red dark green

steel blue

natural oak oregon daglezja anthracite palisander



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