piloty do bram garazowych

Fresh, abundant in rich colors and full of positive energy - these words describe the latest selection of remote controls for our garage doors. The designers of everyday accessories for a long time have proved functionality doesn't have to come in boring packaging. After the fashion surrounding stylish telephones, Smartphones, MP3 players and laptops, a new trend is entering the stores - designer remote controls. Their original styling and striking appearance make this yet another gadget from the world of technology that enters the world of fashion. A new selection of designer remote controls for garage doors is a unique achievement in the field of design - a gadget befitting from the latest trends in color and design. The ideal, sophisticated form of remote controls is shown in their attention to detail while maintaining their ergonomics and practicality. Also, the latest color trends of the season play an essential part in the philosophy of surrounding oneself with beautiful objects. The fancy yet simple casing, made of highest quality plastic, can be likened to the already cult-classic iPod. Even more so, since remotes are available in as many as 11 colors: white, black, red, orange, violet, olive, gray, blue, pink and turquoise. The small, elegant and shapely remote can fit into any purse. For the even greater safety and convenience of users, the remote is equipped with a concealed grip for a key-leash.

Unbreakable code

The new transmitters are based on the KeeLoq system by Microchip Technology with a dynamically changing code. This ensures the highest level of safety, because every single transmission of code is unique. The possibility of breaking the code is less likely than hitting the jackpot in the lottery. In order to become a millionaire overnight, one would need 14 million coupons with different combinations, whereas the self-generating code gives as much as 268 million unique combinations! The chances of repeating the same code sequence would reoccur after 18 years, if we use the remote 10 times a day. The remote control has been additionally equipped with a transmission frequency stability mechanism which greatly increases trouble-free usage, regardless of outside conditions.


Technical specifications

Carrier frequency: 433,92Mhz

Transmission power:  0,1mW

Battery power: type 27A alkaline 12V

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