Roller blind automation is easy to use and is becoming the standard furnishing of every modern home. Rolling the blinds up and down using the remote control is enjoyable. It saves time, money and limits effort. The latest line of roller drives as well as the new radio remote control system for drives with the new design has been introduced not only with roller blinds in mind but also roller garage doors. Today automatic roller blinds are a standard. The fact that it is in high demand is not only due to the affordable price, but also other benefits. It is a convenient and safe solution for individuals who are often away from home. The pre-programmed drive gives the impression of the continuous presence of householders. It includes remote controls, wall switches and time-programmed devices, thanks to which one can easily set the time and operation of the roller blinds. The new design will surely suit the aesthetic tastes of the majority of our customers. Additionally, they are so easy to use that they can be operated even by the youngest members of the household.


The drive is equipped with a quick coupler placed on the power cord at a distance of 10 cm from the drive head allows immediate disconnection of power supply in case of any problem without the necessity of cutting the cable. “Direct access to the power source is still uncommon in roller drives, so it will be a special treat for installers and users” - state automatic equipment specialists dealing daily with these issues. But they also emphasize the fact that the new engines operate at below 45dB, thus lower than the EU standard, which for this type of appliance is 48dB, and the possibility to fine-tune the final positions by utilizing a more precise fine-tuning mechanism. It is worth noting that the drive is equipped with a standard bimetallic thermal switch to prevent overheating of the engine, which disconnects voltage at the instant of exceeding a given temperature after about 4 minutes of continuous operation. For those installing the drive, the simplicity of installation and dismantling of the drive by using a special latch handle at the side of the box will be a great help.

  1. 15-channel radio switch
  2. 2-channel cable switch
  3. 5-channel radio switch + timer
  4. 1-channel remote control
  5. 15-channel remote control
  6. 1-channel key switch
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