Our range of attic windows is tailored to the needs of each client. The products meet high standards and our selection offers an excellent quality-price ratio.

The highest quality production, ease and safe use as well as innovative solutions allow selecting the appropriate window for each type of space. The windows are made from the best quality materials using the latest technologies to provide durability, safety, functionality and very good thermal insulation.

They are ideal for shaping a good and interestingly lit space in the attic or in a place where the most efficient use of space possible is required, under a sloping roof.

We offer many types of roof windows:



  • when opening a window, the entire window sash opens to the outside and does not occupy attic space.
  • greater safety and comfort of window use is obtained due to a unique solution that protects from hitting your head on an open window (which is possible in the case of pivoting windows and high-pivot windows)
  • safe installation without the necessity of removing the window sash from the frame
  • special bar allows closing the sash from the fully opened position
  • uniform circumferential seal and rebate construction provides better sealing against the wind

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  • the axis of rotation is in the middle of the window
  • provides ventilation and lighting of the room
  • hinge placed in the middle of the sash allows 180° rotation
  • special bolt lock allows locking a sash rotated 180°, making it easier to wash the exterior glass, or opened by 20° in order to prevent children from leaning out


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New on the roof windows market are windows made of PVC, because they

  • require no maintenance
  • do not require painting
  • are recommended for rooms with high humidity


  • opens out, to the right or left side
  • the hatch sash ​​can be made from PVC, pine wood, aluminum profile or carbon-fiber reinforced polycarbonate
the frame is available in two variants: PVC or pine wood

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Are crucial in installing roof windows since they act as a roof edge protection with the window against the elements.

There are flanges for flat roofing (they allow connecting a window with flat roofing) as well as flanges for high-profile roofing (used for roofs with high profile coverage of more than 5 cm).






Combo flanges for roof windows provide leak-proof and easy installation of a set of roof windows in any combination.

The advantage of combo flanges is their high tightness and resistance to weather conditions, roof aesthetics and the ability to configure any combination of windows thanks to a wide range of elements.







Roller blinds installed outside the window allow you to darken the room completely. In the summer they protect the room from excessive sunlight; during winter they provide protection against heat loss. They also effectively isolate outside noise.












Outdoor blinds can be operated manually (crank) or electrically (thanks to solar batteries powering the electric wall switch).




Awnings are made from fiberglass fabric, resistant to weathering. The purpose of the external awning is to protect the room from excessive sunlight.
















Mosquito screens protect the premises from insects, dust and pollen. Our screens are suitable for all types of roof windows. It is worth noting that the use of our mosquito screens does not limit the functionality of the window or exterior roller blinds.

The basic element of the mosquito screen is a fiberglass-yarn screen coated with a layer of PVC.












Roller blinds for roof windows effectively protect the interior from strong sunlight and excessive heat in the attic. The universal roller blind system fits to all types of roof windows.

Thanks to the use of special cassette profiles and guide rails we obtain smooth regulation during opening and shutting, as well as the comfort of setting the fabric at any height

We offer 4 types of roof roller blinds:

  • straight roof roller-blinds,
  • roof roller blinds with masking frame,
  • dekolux roof roller blinds,
  • pleated roof roller blinds.






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