Sectional doors are modern garage doors designed and built for demanding users. They do not take up space in front of the building, so you can stop your car in the driveway directly in front of the door. An effective solution is ordering a garage door that comes with its own wicket door. The garage door and the wicket door have the same pattern and color - mounted together they form a harmonious whole.

toma bramy garazowe segmentowe zloty dab

toma bramy garazowe segmentowe

toma bramy garazowe zestaw drzwi i brama


  • functional - one of the more important advantages of sectional garage doors. Thanks to vertical rolling of the door wing, parking is made trouble-free even in case of the shortest of driveways

  • convenient - remote controlled automation allows operation in all weather conditions
  • safe - excellent protection of the user is guaranteed due to use of a panels with form-fitting protection - you can freely move your hand on the door surface even at the panel joints. Tension springs balancing the weight of the wing are located in a safe place - high above the driveway opening. All doors with torsion springs are equipped with safety devices in case of breakage of springs; doors with tension springs can be additionally equipped with a safety device in the event that the tension chord breaks

  • safe - specially shaped panels (inside and outside) prevent pinching of fingers at the joints, as well as at places where door hinges and wicket doors are located

  • safe - the guide rail’s sealed enclosure protects the hands, an overload switch stops the door and its return to the open position, if the wing meets resistance when closing photocells ensure that the door will stop and return to the open position if an object appears within opening

toma bramy garazowe segmentowe biala

toma bramy garazowe segmentowe przetloczenia

Desiring to satisfy the demands of our customers, we've expanded the sectional garage doors by introducing new designs and pressing patterns. The color range of garage doors is very diverse - white, brown, golden oak, walnut, mahogany, anthracite, antique oak, Winchester, Oregon, red sienna, sienna nights, summer cherry, Tabasco, macore, dark oak and bog-oak.


toma bramy garazowe segmentowe sienna noce

toma bramy garazowe segmentowe

toma bramy garazowe segmentowe mahon

toma bramy garazowe segmentowe bez przetloczen

toma bramy garazowe segmentowe kasetowe przetloczenia

toma bramy garazowe segmentowe z przeszkleniami

toma bramy garazowe segmentowe z przeszkleniami

toma bramy garazowe segmentowe z przeszkleniami


Our garage doors come with a warranty. The CE mark on UniPro sectional garage doors means that it meets the requirements of the new European Union standard EN 13241 – 1.


Sectional doors are mounted directly behind the driveway opening, and thanks to the vertical direction of the opening and running at right angles, they do not take up space in front of the building and allow use of the full length of the garage. The structure of the roller mechanism is made of galvanized materials, resistant to corrosion. The sectional door is stable and perfectly balanced thanks to a finely-tuned spring system. The use of rolls with "floating" axes minimizes friction, thanks to which, the work of the entire mechanism is efficient and convenient. The door wing is made of steel panels with a thickness of 40mm, filled with polyurethane foam. This ensures proper thermal insulation of the door. It is possible to install glass in the segments and equip the door with remote controlled automation.

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