The latest system of window shades is the SPINELLA, an innovative solution to the problem of intrusive sunlight, ideal for a new generation of PVC, aluminum and wooden windows. The rich patterning of fabrics we carry will help you select the color and texture of a given material picked by you for the interior design. Fabric roller blinds can protect the room against daylight in various ways. In case of problems with the selection of material, customers can always count on the help of our expert advisors.

The SPINELLA blind commonly used in the DUPLEX system – with two cassettes mounted on the window frame at the top and bottom.

toma rolety kasetowe toma rolety kasetowe naped roleta kasetowa spinella

The roller blind has a convenient spring mechanism that automatically rolls the material in the cassette. It is possible to stop the fabric at any height. The use of side guide rails and an enclosing cassette limits light-penetration.

The SPINELLA blind is available in two color versions - white and brown.


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