Steel basement windows are durable and a maintenance-free solution. Basement windows are galvanized or powder coated and come with standard double anti-theft protection.

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Steel basement windows are characterized by a number of advantages:

  • Galvanized or powder coated (RAL 7035 light gray)
  • Single tempered glass (ESG) 4 mm
  • Durable welding of the profile’s frame 35 mm
  • Double anti-theft protection, even with the window open
  • Single or double leaf versions available
  • Openable glazed sash; openable or unopenable grate
  • Also available with window frame set for walls of any thickness
  • Available in different sizes

Steel basement windows come with double anti-theft protection. You can feel safe even with the window open.

The grate has an additional protection that prevents lifting it from the hinges and makes all kinds of additional locks unnecessary.
Okna stalowe do piwnic
Okna stalowe do piwnic

Steel basement windows for are great for frames with glass-fiber reinforced polyester window frames. Window frames are is available in sizes that allow cementing it into walls with common thicknesses.

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