We offer many models of exterior steel doors. Doors differ in hinge protection, burglary resistance, hinge and leaf design, colors, filling and additional accessories. The unique design of the door, along with a choice of decorative veneers in different colors as well as aesthetic doorplates "predisposes" the doors for use in either homes and offices or special spaces such as emergency exits between staircases, archives, switch-rooms, etc.

We've expanded our exterior steel doors offer with double doors.

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Exterior steel doors present well as entrance doors in single-family housing. High durability and elegant appearance in long-term use is provided by a unique technology for the production of high quality steel. Double doors used in accordance with the instruction manual are weather resistant, ensuring that there will be no deformation and of lowering of the leafs.

They can be configured with any leaf pressing available in our offer. We offer a wide range of veneers that imitate the natural structure of wood in different colors.

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  • strong and durable - the doors are resistant to mechanical damage thanks to the stable steel structure
  • safe – an extensive range of door security: patent inserts, security bolts, additional locks - greatly  improve safety and protection against burglary
  • sealed - meet the required noise reduction in construction
  • diverse - steel doors can be ordered in different sizes: single-leaf door, double-leaf door, in the available veneer colors, etc.
  • practical.


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Additionally, we offer profile steel doors, which can be used in stairwells in multi-family buildings (e.g. apartment buildings) and in public buildings. The doors are made of single-chamber steel profiles in the Forster Presto system. They can be used as internal or external doors with glazing, transom windows, full  and opening outward or inward.

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