We offer a few straight roller systems. The straight mini roller is the most often purchased blinds.

toma rolety wolnowiszace



Non-invasive installation, fast dismantling, preservation of full glass surface and a grip to prevent flapping in the wind. Mini blinds are devoid of all defects of which owners of standard or on-glass blinds complain about. This includes an easy-to-install and use chainlet-string system and a huge selection of fabric colors make the mini blinds one of the most popular window shading systems.

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Mini blinds are mounted on the window leaf without drilling in the frame; with self-adhesive plastic hooks or plastic straps mounted on the window frame. If necessary, you can quickly remove the blind. Chainlet winding mechanism is not contained in a cassette. In this way, the window is not damaged, and the blind without a cassette takes up little space.


In the mini blinds design, the work of slides is done by a string that holds the roller profile, tightened and fastened on a clip attached to the bottom of the window frame. Thanks to the strings, the roller doesn't flop in the wind and its slides do not decrease the surface area of the glass as in the case of on-glass roller blinds. Optionally, you can do without them and stick magnets on the bottom of the window frame which will hold the fully unwound roller. This system of darkening the windows is very practical but in comparison to on-glass rollers and mix rollers it lacks the very functional feature: the mini rollers cannot be used to darken only the bottom or middle of the window. The same drawback applies to the traditional big roller blinds.


Simple form and versatility make this blind popular for many types of interiors. This classic form of sun-screen, and also a decorative element, which in addition can be finished with a decorative valance. Blinds can be mounted free-hanging outside the recess (on the ceiling or the window) or the frame by means of specially adapted to the hooks. They are ideal for covering large areas, such as the entire recess.

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For more demanding customers in our offer we feature exclusive free-hanging blinds in a cassette. Free-hanging blinds in a cassette can be mounted outside the recess (above the window or on the ceiling). They are ideal for shading large areas.

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