Sunscreen awnings are gaining more and more popularity in Poland. Each year they appear in several thousand Polish homes. They change the aesthetics of our streets, adorning shop windows, cafes and restaurants.

Awnings are used as a shield against rain, protecting furniture, plants and clothing - from the intense rays of the sun, and while sun-bathing, they protect from prying eyes. Terrace awnings are used to shield against solar radiation of large areas such as terraces, restaurant gardens, balconies, shop windows, outdoor cafe stands.

A terrace awning is an elegant version of a marquee, resting on extreme mountings, designed by Italian designers, tailored to both historic and modern buildings.

We have prepared for you our offer several models of terrace awnings:

  • terrace awnings in a half-cassette
toma markizy tarasowe toma markizy tarasowe
  • terrace awnings in a cassette
toma markizy tarasowe


  • aluminum awning structure powder-coated in cream color (RAL 1013)
  • wall or ceiling installation
  • manual or electric drive
  • regulation of the awning’s inclination angle from 5º to 85º

There is a possibility of making a terrace awning in one of the fabrics shown below.

toma tkaniny markizowe
toma tkaniny markizowe
toma tkaniny markizowe
toma tkaniny markizowe
toma tkaniny markizowe


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