Vertical blinds are a widely used method for darkening rooms. They are use most commonly in offices, banks and public institutions in their most popular version – 127 mm stripes (fabric or PVC). In addition to its primary function (protection against the harmful effects of the sun) is a perfect decorative element for any interior, thanks to the wide range of colors and textures of fabrics. A traditional partition wall can be successfully replaced by a vertical blind. The effect of dividing space with vertical stripes proves best in large office or residential spaces. Vertical blinds consist of a rotary mechanism for moving and turning the blinds as well as a filler, i.e. the shielding material of the so-called vertical blinds lamellas.


toma zaluzje pionowe vertical pionowe zaluzje


Fabrics vary in their thickness and the degree of light transmittance. In Poland the most common lamella size is 127mm. However, with small window sizes, 127 mm wide strips look too massive, that is why we carry a collection of fabrics with 89 mm lamellas.


toma zaluzje pionowe toma zaluzje pionowe toma zaluzje pionowe

New in our offer are of the STRING type vertical blinds

STRING Vertical blinds are ideal for both home and office. They are especially recommended for those who appreciate their practicality and elegance as well as the ease of use while maintaining a chic style and constructional reliability. There is the possibility of creating unique color compositions with this type of blinds. Blinds are available with 89 mm wide lamellas. Only with these blinds can you can move freely between loosely hanging strings.


zaluzje pionowe string karnisz zaluzje pionowe string zaluzje pionowe
toma zaluzje stringi zaluzje pionowe string


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