PVC, wooden or aluminum windows? Faced with this dilemma, certainly it may be difficult to make the right decision about purchasing the right window joinery.
All three types of windows mentioned are almost the same in terms of use. They have similar heat transfer coefficients, the same functionality, and each type of window is pretty much equipped with the same type of fittings as well as glazing. The final decision is a matter of personal taste and individual customer preferences.

Wooden windows - durable, with good thermal insulation. Wood is not subject to heating on sunny days, that’s why Softline profiles show no variation in dimensions. They give each home a unique look. Wooden windows, however, require periodic renewal. It is recommended to restore wooden windows every 5 years!

PVC Windows - less elegant than wooden windows, and yet they are the most popular among customers, which is undoubtedly the result of their good prices as well as ease of maintenance and trouble-free operation. Besides the usual washing, they do not need any other maintenance. The plastic frames are made ​​of corrosion and mold resistant materials. Products offered in PVC technology are also available with imitation wood veneers. Such profiles used in this case have the advantages of a modern building material and the decorative appearance of natural wood. They display exceptional durability against sunlight and atmospheric influences. They are easy to keep clean.

Aluminum windows - both elegant and long-lasting. The aluminum profile is designed for the production of large-size joinery and therefore aluminum joinery is not popular in single-family houses; rather it is widely used in public buildings. Aluminum joinery is custom made and has a fairly high price. Aluminum profiles exhibit high thermal insulation properties. Windows and doors made from aluminum are stable, aesthetic, resistant to changing weather conditions and do not require much maintenance. Aluminum is widely used in both simple elements as well as complex glazing structures, facades of office buildings or conservatories.
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