Window frame systems are made of glass-reinforced plastic (GRP). Following installation of the window frame systems, it is possible to select one of the many compatible window insets: from steel basement windows or modern, 5-chamber profile energy-efficient windows. Of course we also assemble window frame with factory-installed windows.


ościeżnica z izolacją termiczną ościeżnica ze skrzydłem uchylnym ościeżnica ze stalowym oknem piwnicznym
 Window frame with thermo-insulation Window frame with tilted sash,
glazed with 5, 15, 20 mm or
an energy-efficient glass
 Window frame with steel basement
window - openable sash with grate
and glazing.

Window frame systems are available in a variety of colors.

Available for wall widths in cm:
  • concrete walls - 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 24, 25, 30, 36,5
  • brick walls - 27, 33, 39,5

Available sizes of windows in cm:

width x height         75 100 125
50 x x
62,5 x x x
75 x x x
100 x x
125 x


Windows frames windows are used not only in basements. The system meets the expectations of manufacturers of finished concrete products. The design ensures easy installation. Frames are made of glass-reinforced plastic. Compared with thermoplastics, such as polypropylene, the system has a number of advantages. Frames are resistance to acids, alkali, frost and high temperature.

It is these properties that make them appreciated by producers of ready-made building components for industrial and commercial buildings.


okno systemowe dwuskrzydlowe

  • Great thermo-insulating properties
  • Thermo-insulating glass Ug 1.1
  • Maximum possible surface area of ​​glass
  • Frame made ​​of acid resistant material
  • Flame-retardant
  • Weather-resistant and maintenance-free
  • Max. frame dimensions 125 x 100cm
  • Ideal for concrete and brick walls


Simple assembly not only of the window in the frame, but also the setting and bricking or concreting the frame in the wall.


montaz okna systemowego montaz okna systemowego montaz okna systemowego
 After placing the internal formwork
concrete can be poured
Window ready immediately
after removal of formwork

The window frame system:

  • wide range of windows ideally suited to the window frame
  • modern windowsills are made of the same material with attractive design patterns
  • used in brick and concrete walls as well as prefabricated construction
  • easy encasement by concrete, thanks to edges placed on both sides
  • design ensuring permanent settling in the concrete
  • resistance to thermal deformation (as opposed to PVC)
  • high ergonomics of installation and use thanks to its light structure
  • different sizes, widths up to 125 cm
  • excellent thermal insulation properties
  • childishly simple installation of window in the frame
  • a wide range of accessories.


Accessories for window frame systems:

krata druciana krata sztabowa krata zabezpieczajaca przed gryzoniami
 Wire grating  Massive anti-theft grate Rodent protection grating
okno z nawiewnikiem oscieżnica z parapetem skrzydło z kratą wentylacyjną
Possibility of vent
installation or dryer
connector installation
 Exterior windowsill  Sash with ventilation
grille for heating rooms

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