The choice of exterior doors is not an easy decision. This choice will affect the appearance of the building, the rooms and the atmosphere. Each one of us has different needs and different tastes. We have created a wide range of products that will meet your expectations and help you in making the right choice.

drzwi drewniane zewnetrzne drzwi drewniane zewnetrzne


The doors we offer are:

  • stylish,
  • elegant,
  • durable,
  • safe,
  • protect against heat loss outside noise

We take into account customer preferences as far as materials, colors, shapes and fittings are concerned. The latest entry in our offer is wooden double doors.


drzwi drewniane zewnetrzne drzwi drewniane zewnetrzne


All typical models can be expanded with an extra side panel and transom window that both structurally and color-wise are consistent with the implementation of a given series of single, wooden exterior door. The side panel and transom are available either in glazed or full versions.

Side panels, depending on client demands can be fixed or movable, while the transom can only be fixed. It is possible to make the fixed transom in an arch, both as a glazed and a full version.

The endless variety of patterns, fillings, ornamental glass and decorations will meet all your expectations.


wczytuje wczytuje wczytuje wczytuje wczytuje


Wooden exterior doors are made ​​of pine and meranti do not only meet your expectations regarding aesthetics, but also construction requirements. Our offer also includes external wooden mahogany and oak doors.

The trademark of our wooden exterior doors is their sophisticated, streamline shapes, with smooth, shiny surfaces, which gives users some very tangible benefits.

wczytuje wczytuje wczytuje wczytuje wczytuje
wczytuje wczytuje wczytuje wczytuje wczytuje


The construction of the entrance door is made from pine or meranti wood glued in three layers with a thickness of 68 mm. For the more demanding customers we offer doors with a thickness of 88 mm. They are more massive, yet they provide better protection against heat loss and better acoustics.

Additionally, wood preservation and priming extend the life of the joinery.

We have a wide range of colors: azure with visible wood structure and the entire RAL palette will meet the individual requirements of even the most demanding customers.

All coatings are environmentally friendly.
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